FasterBlaster Applications

FasterBlaster shot blast machine cleaning vertical surface

Vertical Surfaces

The FasterBlaster cleans external and internal tank walls blasting both up and down the walls, increasing production!

FasterBlaster shot blast machine cleaning a horizontal surface

Horizontal Surfaces

The FasterBlaster cleans tank roofs and floors, blasting both forward and in reverse, eliminating the need to turn and reposition hoses and electric cables!

FasterBlaster shot blast cleaning Pipe

Pipe Cleaning

Clean pipe of all sizes. The FasterBlaster cleans all pipe sizes, 0.5" and greater!

FasterBlaster shot blast cleaning system

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Contact Information

Phone: (770) 251-8989

136 Hillwood Circle,
Newnan, GA

Welcome to RBW Enterprises, Inc.

RBW Enterprises manufactures the most versitile centrifugal shot blast cleaning equipment in the world. We specialize in portable shot blast machine systems which can be used both in plant and in the field. We also engineer and manufacture special blast cleaning systems to meet industry needs for surface preparation of pipe, tanks, wind towers, and steel plates applications.

With the FasterBlaster, you get either a 30 HP or a 60 HP shot blast machine capable of cleaning both horizontal and vertical surfaces. Our FasterBlaster System incorporates many special features designed to improve cleaning quality, increase production, minimize maintenance, and lower labor costs. FasterBlaster shot blast machines utilize centrifugal blast wheels, driven by 30hp electric motors, to throw steel shot against the surface. No air is required in the blasting process. The machines seal tightly to the surface due to the high vacuum generated by the dust collector. There are no emissions around the suction cup seal. The FasterBlaster16, our smaller machine, can clean closer around obstructions and the FasterBlaster32, the larger high production machine, is used for the wide open areas.

The FasterBlaster is the only Portable Shot Blast Machine that cleans all Pipe, Plate, Tank Walls, Tank Roofs, Tank Floors, Dome Roofs, and Wind Towers while moving forward or in reverse.

Time Tested System

  • RBW Enterprises, Inc. has been manufacturing portable blast cleaning machines since 1998.
  • RBW Enterprises is a family owned and operated business. The company president, Robert Watkin, former vice president of Research &Development for the Wheelabrator Corporation, has over 50 years of blast machine design experience. Over the last several years, this engineering and manufacturing knowledge has been handed down to six family members who manage the daily operations and support the highly skilled manufacturing staff. Mr. Watkin continues his work on developing new and innovative products for the blast cleaning and painting industry.
  • FasterBlasters, by RBW Enterprises, are cleaning tanks, wind towers, plate and pipe in refineries, tank farms, and plants around the world.
  • FasterBlasters are operating in the USA, Canada, Trinidad, Venezuela, Columbia, Panama, Australia, Turkey, Thailand, Netherlands, Nigeria, South Africa, Aruba, Puerto Rico, Jordan, Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, India, Chile, Jamaica, Saudi Arabia, Guatemala, Argentina, Iraq, Mongolia, Peru, Curasao, South Korea, and Denmark.

Engineering Services

  • We provide engineering for special fixtures, attachments, or material handling systems required for your specific applications.

Customer Support

  • RBW Enterprises is known in the industry for superb customer service and technical support.
  • Technical personnel are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week .
  • All parts for the FasterBlaster are in stock and can be shipped the same day.
  • Field support and training is available from highly qualified technicians.
  • RBW Enterprises provides a comprehensive Operation, Maintenance and Safety Manual and a series of training video links covering all aspects of FasterBlaster operation and maintenance.